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With more than 10 years of professional experience in sectors like Mobile Marketing, Digital Communications & Direct Marketing services.

Who we are

Innovation, digitalization & adaptation to change are the 3 principles we follow. That direct approach with clients, helped us understand the B2B environment & sales logic, working together as a team to bring results and success for every business model, building strong pipelines.

We like adapting to new projects, working cultures and new challenges. Our passion & goal is to get the job done effectively. Experience & open-minded way of thinking allow us adapt to any need. We specialize in coaching teams to approach verticals in B2B environment.

Digital is our common future. We help you build the customer journey, understand your customer needs & deliver the correct message through the right marketing channels, that will increase customer loyalty, boost sales, enrich marketing operations & generate engagement with users via the right customer dialogue.

D-Consulting Services

Share with us your digital project, idea or need. Based on that we will elaborate our proposal, in accordance with selected communication methods, targets & budget. You can see below some of our services.

  • Mobile Marketing consultancy
  • Sales coaching, approaching methods & mentoring
  • Cost analysis & market research based on B2C digital channels (SMS, Mail, OTT)
  • Lead generation & networking
  • Elaboration of business proposals & introductory letters
  • Web development & Web hosting
  • Cloud system or ERP integration support, with the right partners & digital channels
  • Marketing by objectives
  • OTT channels (Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsAPP for business)
  • Direct Marketing campaign Management
  • Streaming / Web Application Solutions

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